Porcelain stoneware

The combination of the strength of porcelain stoneware and the warmth of the natural essences of wood, stone and the suggestion of concrete has created this new line of products which enhances the functionality and elegance of the materials. Thanks to the wide range of woods, based on the colours present in nature, every room takes on warmth and vitality.

An innovative concept applied to porcelain stoneware makes the new collections suitable for indoor, outdoor and driveway environments.

The strength and versatility of these materials make it possible to create modern furnishings.

Atmospheres in metropolitan style characterized by a natural and contemporary appearance conduct back to a simple but never trivial design.

The variety of sizes and finishes permit creating functional and modern surfaces while maintaining an imprint of simplicity and minimalism.

Anti-slip materials, resistant to frost and corrosion, and a wide range of sizes, make it possible to create multiple surfaces: terraces, stairways, facades, large open spaces such as gardens and porches.


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