ANM Design is the exclusive distributor of CRYSTALEXE, a Swiss company which “tattoos glass”. The idea of creating glass floors is deep rooted, inspired by a place, Venice, a city in which glass has been a protagonist of art and architecture since ancient times.
Any image you want can be impressed in glass with an extraordinarily faithful and high-definition result. The pigments used are all water-based, contain no solvents and are certified non-toxic.
It is easy to install and the sheet of glass also becomes flexible, while the glass itself is surprisingly easy to cut, drill, shape. It is ideal as a floor, wall, ceiling, wall covering for indoor and outdoor furniture. The very high resistance to scratches and wear also makes it suitable as a kitchen top and for heavy-duty use interiors.

The practice is:

– selection of the image;
– yield verification;
– samples delivery;
– calibration;
– production

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