Whether it’s a main staircase or a service staircase, from the selection of materials through to maintenance, ANM Design is the ideal and competent partner for the construction of indoor staircases made of wood, metal and glass.
Put yourself in the expert hands of ANM Design professionals and find out more about the production process involved in making a staircase for your home:




1. What is the first step in staircase production?

The preliminary phase, the one related to the design of the staircase, is that which ANM Design considers to be the most important. It is essential to work alongside the designer (or works manager) and the customer to find the best solution for that specific application. Being able to work alongside the architect or the person working on the project, in this phase, results in a number of benefits: correct optimization of space, easy movement between one floor and another and use of the right overall dimensions without having to waste surface area.
This phase of assisted design also makes it possible to draw up cost estimates able to take into account many basic construction variables. We are referring in particular to the positioning of pipes and wiring of systems that must avoid interfering with the positions defined for the connection between staircase and masonry.
All this makes it possible to assess the various critical points in the preventive phase for a final result that will also satisfy the customer’s expectations from an economic and commercial point of view.
Everything is carried out in accordance with current standards, UNI, EN and RUE of the local authority involved and the definition of the classification of use of the staircase: Main Public, Main Private, Secondary, Service.

2. Design

In this phase, technical and aesthetic aspects merge perfectly.
In our showrooms, numerous samples are on display which enable customers to choose available colours and obtain a first-hand idea of the materials and models making up the staircase.
Our offer will be accompanied by drawings, sketches and 3D renderings which enable the customer to preview what until then was only an idea.

3. Installation and assembly

After having agreed on the deadlines and method of conveying the staircase to the agreed site, a team of technical installers will begin the phase of preparation of all the components of the staircase and of the necessary holes to be made in the walls.
After having installed all the elements that make up the staircase and after checking everything in detail, our technicians-installers will perform a final test, and clean and remove any waste and packaging residues.