Indoor wood floors

ANM collections are suitable for modern and minimalist interiors but also for more traditional requirements, with a broad range of colours, sizes and finishes.

Prefinished wood floors

This section contains 11 mm thick wood floors, with birch plywood and 3.6 mm oak layer (made in EU) underlay. The following slat dimensions are available: 70 mm x 490 mm, 90mm x 700/1200 mm and 120 mm x 800/1200 mm. The standard surface finish is smooth and sharp-edged, protected by U.V. coating; different finishes such as brushing and different colours may be requested, as indicated below. Preparations can be made for herringbone or French herringbone pattern installation.

We can also carry out finishes and colours on request with 10 mm thick slats, birch plywood and 4.1 mm of oak layer underlay, size 120 mm x 700 – 1500 mm.

Doghe toscane

Suggestions and emotions to cater to every desire and build the wood floor you’ve always dreamed of, 100% made in Italy. The slats come in many different types. They are available in widths of 150-200-240 mm, thickness 14-15 mm and lengths from 700 to 2400 mm. The colour shades, depending on the customer’s choice, can be enhanced by surface treatments such as brushing, planing and antiquing.

Checked floors

A fusion between a real painting and a wooden floor to express true sophisticated exclusivity, Made in Italy art.



Wood, with its charm and warmth, has always accompanied the intense history of man. From the temples of China to the imperial palaces of Japan, the churches of the extreme north to Elizabethan theatres, many of the most significant buildings ever erected in the world are made of wood. Every table, every piece of wood has a long story to tell, which is handed down to us, along a path that never ends.

Mosaic Wood

(PATENT No. 1419772)
A modern carpet, classic or antique, to be inserted in a floor with Tuscan staves to characterize and distinguish your home in a unique way. It can be placed at the entrance, under the dining table, between the sofas, or as a frame to highlight an important room.
Coloured slats, triangles, diamonds and trapezoids, suitably combined to create the most varied shapes and relief effects of considerable impact. On request we can produce wall panels, shelves and tables with the same designs.

Slats 3 Strips

A perfect solution which offers a choice of three different wood types: oak, beech and merbau.
Also ideal for gyms and sports floors (on request we also provide structures, underlay, extra-thick slats and certifications for basketball courts).

Laminate flooring

A range of colours, different shades and surfaces to meet every need, also suitable for shops and heavily trafficked areas.

Raised slatted floors

A unique solution to meet technical needs for offices and large spaces while maintaining the beauty of slats and ensuring removability.

Accessories and skirting boards

  • Accessories: for wood and laminate floors such as thoroids, thresholds, closing profiles, floor underlay, available in our price list.
  • Skirting boards: for wood or laminate floors of various thicknesses and qualities, available in our price list.

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