GLAPIX – When art inspires enterprise


More than new, it’s revolutionary! An innovative distribution of GLAPIX has transformed an ancient material, glass, into a new product with a high technological and aesthetic content, created to make floors, walls and more.

Thanks to a new production process it is possible to print any image you have wish on glass with an extraordinarily faithful and high-definition result. The pigments used are all water-based, contain no solvents and are certified non-toxic. And it is precisely through the chromatic material, necessary to impress the image, that the glass acquires new and exceptional performance levels: extremely resistant to shocks, scratches, atmospheric agents and time.
The glass sheet also becomes flexible and the glass is surprisingly easy to cut, drill and shape.
Images, sizes and thicknesses, and finishes can all be customised. Simple to install, it is ideal as a floor, wall, ceiling, wall covering for indoor and outdoor furnishings. The high resistance to scratches and wear also makes it suitable as a kitchen top and for highly-trafficked environments.
A perfect material for those who have clear ideas and hardly ever find what they are looking for.
Architecture of appearance and maximum expression of conservation, whenever have these two aspects ever been able to express themselves next to each other? Dazzling multi-coloured flash, neoclassical marble shape or amazing effect … a single material:

the very high definition covering for any surface, which can transform with an explosive expression or preserve and enhance with absolute respect floors, walls, ceilings both indoors and outdoors to complete the architectural project and help increase the value of any rehabilitation project.

the surface of architecture

a major contribution to sustainability in architecture